Sunday, May 10, 2009
idk what to sayy, or even where to begin [I know I'm going to be contradicting myself in this postt a lot, so try not to mind it por favor?] Men are fucking idiots. They can't make up their mind, &&yet they blame us for not knowing what we want. No, I'm not a feminist or anything...just a girl who's been through ups&downs with guys, like almost everyone woman out there. But as i was saying...Men are idiots, they are the pickiest, shallowest, dumbest, non-caring, incompetent, inconsiderate, childish, undependable, beings. Men say that they have an ideal girl or woman in mind, but when that woman comes along, do they jump on that opportunity? Do they take advantage of the situation that's right fucking in front of them? NOPE... they just either sit back and let it pass them up...orr they jump on in and make that female their girlfriend, wifey, whatever but then when they're in the relationship all they want to do it create drama and stir things up between you two, they want to go out and cheat...just for the hell of it, or these inconsiderate bastards get intimidated and want do anything they possibly can to get out of the relationship because they're "too scared of commitment"'s all a bunch of bullshit &I'm really sick of it. Men think that this is just all a big game, who can find the hottest girl, get that girl to become their girlfriend, have them thinking that this man is something that he's not, but then once he gets bored or sees something new...he's willing to just move on...he might even tell you or if he's the kind of asshole most men are, he'll just do it behind your back and not even care if you find out or not. That's the kind of scumm males are.

&&umm p.s, to the butt hurt men out there who read this...i probably wont even feel this wayy a week from now.

haha, you are dismissed. =$

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true shit tho.