Tuesday, September 29, 2009
-death of the tough guy act...
idk where to start on this one.

youre the reason why girls give up on guys
youre the reason why so many girls...are into GIRLS
youre the reason why im up at 3:00am making this blog
youre the reason why i cant sleep
youre the reason why i cant call this nigga my "muffin"

lmao @that last one
seriously tho, what's wrong with a little pet name? huhhhhhhhhhhh?! if a guy calld me "honeybun" lmao i wouldnt be offended, but to get so mad & bytch all out on me bc i calld you muffin? wtffffffffffffff?

from now on, all yu guys reading this post, kill the tough guy act NOW!
it's not cute.

p.s. if yu have nothing else going for you, i.e. youre lame, has no personality, no style, nothing like that...then stick with the act...#imjustsayn

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it's aggravating to know that even when you tell someone something, no matter how many times you tell them, they just don't get it.
-ive come to the conclusion that... no, maybe you weren't like the rest but you were most def. the dumbest.
& with that being said, i will take my ass to bed.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
if youre going to do it, be original.
i'm tired of females calling themselves "bad" & a "10starbitch"
...where did the extra five stars come from???
If a dude EVER came up to me with that crap (which they have) & said "ayyy, lil mama...you a 10starbitch" (which they do)
holdddd the fk up. first off, i never...everrrr wanna to be refered to as "lil mama" that is defffff. not a good look. second, did you just call me a bytch??
i would seriously get offended. #whateverhappendto "Hey Beautiful, whassup with you?" that never gets old.
just a thoughttt.
p.s...DD stands for Dunkinn' Doughnuts.

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the other day someone asked me why do i blog, i told them because i like the attention & they gave me a weird look like they didnt understand my answer.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Why are you bytchin men? Why do you cry more than i do? Why are you complaining about the pimple on your face that no one can see? Why is it that every time i look up you're in my beauty products? Why are you buying eyeliner, then going around calling it "manliner" you know, they didn't make that shyt for guys. Why is that when we sit down & watch a movie together, you start tearing up before the title screen appears? & Why is it that when i ask you what's wrong you start to pout & stomp off like a damn 6 yr old GIRL? Why is it that you go get your nails done more than i do? Why the hell did you put a texturizer in your hair? Why is it that when a dude i just started talking to gets mad at me for not showing him enough attention then has the nerve to say "it doesn't matter, you don't care about my feelings anyway" YES NIGGA, FK YOUR FEELINGS. Why is it necessay for you to watch Oxygen & Lifetime FOR WOMEN atleast 3 times a week? Why is it that you have more mood swings in an hour than i have on my period?
...look downn baby, you do have balls.
& if you don't...grow some, & quick.

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Monday, September 21, 2009
Recession Dating 101
- don’t ask to take her out. i mean this in every literal sense of the word, do NOT say “let me take you out.” not only does this imply that you will be taking care of all expenses of the night, you also need to pick her up, open doors, and bring her home at a decent hour. instead, ask to “hang out.” keep it light, keep it casual, and she wont hesitate to put 5 on it.

- be cost-conscoious, not cheap. when you say “dinner and a movie, “ it doesnt need to be at Gary Danko and then a 3-D showing on the IMAX. then again, it also doesnt mean burger king take out and a blockbuster VHS. but it COULD mean a homemade picnic during a free movie showing at Dolores Park. and tuna sandwichesm, a jug of instant coffee while snuggling to keep warm on a cool SF night all while watching sixteen candles sounds WAAAAAAAAYYY better than a whopper junior and onion rings on ur couch watching terminator. and it was probably cheaper too. aaaand u’d probably be having sex after (which is the goal of any date isnt it? dont lie.. forreal, dont lie)

- just cuz she pays, dont mean you dont have balls. look in ur pants, they’re still there. i promise. engrained in our minds is the silly notion that the man has to pay for everything. hence men frontin bout how ballin they are, and gold diggin women expecting the gadamn world when they dont deserve it. u aint gotta lie to kick it. if u can’t afford it, u can’t afford it. simple as that. and if we feelin u as much as u feelin us, then let us show some appreciation. let us take u to a raider game, or to ur favorite restaurant. women need to stop being so unappreciative anyways. lol. its all good in the hood.

- less is more. although we like the extravagance once in a while, we aint lyin when we say its the simple things that matter. dont buy 3 dozen roses when 1 single flower will suffice. no need to take me out to a steakhouse when i’m craving a $6 carl’s junior burger. dont sweat the small stuff and save the funds for important things, like, anniversaries and engagement rings. cuz TRUST me, we might not mind the difference between a $6 and a $16 burger, but we will mind the differece between a cubic zirconia and a real diamond.
and remember!! pek pek should not have a price tag, or an expiration date!

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i thinkk not.

everytime i see these two together, i wonder, "Wtf does she see in him?!" He must have addicting sex, or a banginn ass personality.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

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Saturday, September 12, 2009
so i really dont know how to explain the way i'm feeling right now. it's like a mix between emptyness & a whole bunch of blaah. i havent been feeling like doing much of anything & when i do plan on doing something my plans dont fall thru...
so tomorrow here's my schedual:
8:00am: shower & all that good stufff
9:00am: get my hair & nails done
( dont ask why i'm at the hairdressers for so long, i have my reasons...dont judge me ;))
2:00pm: lunch
3:00pm: mall
4:00pm: come home bumm around for a little bit then shower & get dressed
7:00pm: date
(which i'm kind of excited about, i havent been on a real date, date since me & my ex had broken up)
so that date includes him taking me to the movies & dinner
nothing too special there, but i'm excited nonetheless.
10:00pm: ______________
well that's it, i'm not sure about what happens after 10pm, we'll see tho
it's 4:59 right now & i'm gonna try to get some sleep before the morning hitssss...night
p.s. hit me on twittttaaa :D

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i got asked the most obvious question the other day (atleast i thought it was obvious, since i don't usually act like that...)
any ways tho, the question was...
"are there still any feelings left for the kid?"
(oh, & i really did sigh...fyi)
so i think the guy is kidding, i'm like
"oh wow, i can't believe you asked that question. like seriously, bob." (names arent important right now)
him: ???
me: you serious??
him: no, nvm.
me: if i didn...blah blah blah bullshyt bullshyt.
( yeah, you dont need to know all that either)
so THEN he asks...
him: ur talkn to ur ex again?
me: whoaaa...
me: umm...
me: hmm...
him: ???
me: kind of
i really dont have a problem about talking about my past relationships considering that my first real relationship was with my ex & i really did love him (keyword: did) but the thing was...i was confused on how he knew we were actually speaking to each other again. i mean...he's on my facebook & everything, but my updates arent that detailed to where people can actually tell something like that.
him: i'm good at figuring things out
the point was tho, that i wasnt actually talking to my ex...well, it wasnt mutual at least.
so i explain that to him, & it doesnt seem to get thru his skull (correction: thick ass hardheaded ass skull)
him: ur talking to him.................im out
me: whaaaat?
"bob" signs outs.
so he signed out, which leaves my jaw open...like all the way down to my knees open.
not only did he not answer my question, but he also signed out after saying something like that.
idk what the whole point is to this post, but i just wanna say that our communication skills these days suck.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009
so remember when i used to knock twitter? well, i've had a change of heartt...twitter is myy new addictionnn
but anyways tho, i'lll get to the important part of this post...
hit me onn twittaaaaa!
> www.twitter.com/yoooooKEY <
heyy, ^ you see that right there?^
you need to follow tht, ASAP!
:D please & thank you.

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Monday, September 7, 2009
the thing i hate most in life, is the fact that guys have to be so damn retarded sometimes...like i'm not even gonna say complicated, cause even when guys are trying to be complicated & secretive & whatever the heck else they're trying to do, you can always tell. but it really starts to get annoying after awhile. like
WHAT THE HELL, dude? stop it...ASAP.
one day they act a certian way, then the next they're acting like that day never even happened...idk, maybe it's just me, or maybe it's just the assholes i'm attracted to. either way, i'm fucking annoyed with it all.


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Friday, September 4, 2009
i don't know.

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