Saturday, June 27, 2009
So in my last post I know I probably offended some of you all cause I didn't care about the death of "the greatest pop star" or pop king, whatever the fuck you guys call him.
I probably even lost followers because of that.
But guess what?
I'm most definitely not going to apologize for any of it.
if you read my whole profile, the part about me not caring, or not giving a fuck about what YOU think, or after you read one of my posts, I wouldn't have to read dumb comments saying I'm wrong for how I feel. Or rude females worrying about what I type, or shit "clouding their judgement"
you know what i want to say to those kind of chicks?!
"just shut the hell up, bitch. mind yours."
If you don't like what you see on my blog...[x] out.
simple as that.
Don't leave a long ass comment talking about nonsense & shit I don't care about.
Oh, & for all you butthurt ppl out there, fk michael jackson (yeah, his name doesn't even deserve any caps. Take that, bitch!)
-smiley face-

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Thursday, June 25, 2009
Personally, i don't really give a shit whether Michael Jackson is dead or not, but it's annoying me how ppl are sending me all these damn text messages talking about he's dead & how they are going to mourn his death & curl up into fetal position in a couple of minutes & "let it all out"...sending me chain messages saying "if you don't send this to ten of your friends in 13minutes your favorite singer is going to die"
oh, shut the hell up. idgaf.
So what if you grew up on his music, so what if you went to one of his concerts & a bit of his sweat dropped on you, so fucking what if you were one of the kids who "he let sleep on his bed & he slept on the floor because you were one of his 'guests'"
maybe I'm being a little insensitive...
but i really don't think this man deserves all these condolences, from the molestation charges, the bleaching of the skin, dangling his "child" over a balcony railing, being scared to have sexual relationships with a beautiful woman, bleaching his kids...(i mean, wtf now, come onnnn)
whatever though...
everyone has their own opinions...
Rest in Peace, Micheal...
i guess.

p.s. alert, alert-...litte boys can come out of hiding now.
enjoy your lives kiddies.
= p

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Audrey Hepburn;
“Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come... The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present - and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.”

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person.”

Marilyn Monroe;

"Men are so willing to respect anything that bores them."

"To put it bluntly, I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation. But I'm working on the foundation."

"Before marriage, a girl has to make love to a man to hold him. After marriage, she has to hold him to make love to him."

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update on . . . ;
J.E.S. sucks ass.
& we are done.
(forreal this time)

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Me, Ariel & Kali...we were at the skate park just chillann, being the crzy weird ppl we are & there was some dudes in front of us (that you can't see, obviously) & they were smoking...weed I guess, or whatever they smoke...but yeah, they were smoking & all of a sudden these losers just start making crazy faces & me & Ariel (the chick in the picture) just start copying them (cause we're losers too -eye roll-. lmao) nd i guess Kali thought this was "FuckBook (facebook) material" she took a pic of it.
And well, there it enjoy.
& the second pic is just me & Ariel
"livin' soo luxurious"


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Saturday, June 20, 2009
grrr. lmao.
anyways though, it's like 2:24am & I'm just getting home. I'm tired as hell & i should be sleeping cause i have to get up early again.
idk what is it but my summer is finally kicking in...
thank god.
but...hmm, i don't really have ne solid solid plan for tomorrow (as in later today) except that Ariel will probably come over, we might to to PKI (for all you ppl who don't live in Ohio, PKI is Paramount Kings Island, kinda like Six Flags but smaller) or The Beach or maybe Coney Island.
It's been pretty damn hot this past week, today was it was like above 100 degrees. blahh, I'm gonna be dark pretty soon (Aaron Walker status, yeayuhh baaabeeh!)
But I'm getting really sleepy just sitting here talking about this...i planned on telling you all (yeah, all 8 of you) about my day & what has been going on with me cause i feel like i haven't blogged in a minute. But whatever. I'm fucking tired & I'll fill you ppl in tomorrow...maybe.
"-livin' soo luxurious"


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Monday, June 15, 2009
does he ever learn?
come on now, seriously...

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Friday, June 12, 2009

okay, i saw this on ChocolateBabe's ( blog & I'm fucking devastated that Christina Millian is engaged to The Dream.

I mean...come on now Christina, you can do sooooooo much better than him.
ughhhhh, i guess he's good to her blah blah bullshit blah.

(dude is not even cute)
whatevs though, it's all goodie. lmao.
"livin' soo luxurious"

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

so do i :)


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saved By The Bell Reunion

Okay, anyone who knows me knows how much I love Saved By The Bell & Zach Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) is committed to trying to get the cast of Saved By The Bell back together

"-livin' soo luxurious"

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yeah, I will most definitely be following this.

"-livin' soo luxurious"

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009
[a continuation.]
okay well i guess you can say that I'm a liar.
i want him in my life as a boyfriend (not just high school)
Everything is where they need to be right now.
Me & Jeremy had the best time at his house...
Taco bell...
doesn't get better than that rightt?
Somewhere in between the movie & us pigging out on a Mexican pizza from Taco Bell, Jeremy went to his room & got the letter & card that I got him for our 6month anniversary & read it out loud to me.
(i love you, blah blah blah, i want to spend the rest of my life, blah blah blah, i would do anything for you, blasé blasé blasé...)
Well after all that i realized that I do want to stay with him & I'm lucky to have someone that loves so much me & is as dedicated & trustworthy & willing to put up with all my bullshit as he is.
"-livin' soo luxurious"


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This has got me so stressed out.
I regret saying yes to him again.
I have absolutely no idea what to say to him, or how to tell him how I'm feeling
the love is there, its just fading away...quickly.
& of course I care about him & his feelings, cause if I didn't I wouldn't be stressing myself out over how to end this thing.
Our plans two nights ago was to spend the day together...
But i don't even feel like seeing him.
I want him in my life, just not as a boyfriend.
The three years have been great, but it's time to end it...
maybe it's cause he was my high school boyfriend & that's all i wanted him to be
back then i could see myself marrying this guy...having a couple kids & growing old together
i don't want that anymore.
it hurts me to say it but it's the truth.
idk. maybe we can rekindle the love...maybe not.
to be continued....

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Monday, June 8, 2009
As much as I want to hate thiss remix, I can't.
Brooke Hogan actually sounds kind of good.
welll, goo girl.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009
I felt kind of bad about not blogging at all today, so I'm just gonna do a quick post
about my boringtastic day.
My day consisted of:
waking up to the smell of sausage (which i hate with a passion)
getting bombarded with dumb "good morning" text messages
getting in the shower & brushing my teeth
getting on the computer,
checking my Myspace, FaceBook, Blogger, Aim, Yahoo E-mail & AOL E-mail
Getting back on the computer to watch Gossip Girl episodes tht i missed over the past couple of weeks
& now I'm still on the computer, blogging about what a fun filled, exciting day i had.
Wonderful right?
"livinn' not so luxurious today"


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Saturday, June 6, 2009

& apparently so are ex boyfriends.
well... me & Jeremy are back together, we were never really broken up though. I guess you could say we were er, separated for a short period of time...
anyways though-

we spent the day together cuddling & doing other...unmentionable things. lmao

we watched this niggas favorite movie SuperBad (...yeah, i know. Don't ask)

we took ourr puppies to the park (Jordan, B.J & Cody. B.J. was a present from Jeremy on my 15th birthday)
lol & we had some ice cream
cute right?

then we went to the skate park (where we had first met) lmao. okay, so i know you're thinking..."this chick used to skate?"
yeahhh, i did...& i still do occasionally. (ha. New Yorkers, expect the unexpected)
but yeah, I had a pretty nice ass time.

"-livin' soo luxurious"


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Friday, June 5, 2009

& Cody


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One of my biggest pet peeves is people doing things like me
i absofuckinglutley hate it when people do that. Idc what it is. I could be at a restaurant & I'll say I'm going to get this dish & someone is like "oh, that sounds good, i think I'm going to get that too"
what the hell?
no the fuck you're not.
I hate it when i see someone with something that i have. It could be clothes or a cell phone, a certain font, a certain color, a certain style i write (or type)...A CERTAIN LAYOUT STYLE I CHOOSE.
so i said i would help you...& i did. but wtf, yo? same font, same style, same almost everyfucking thing.
even the same alignment.
well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
so i guess I'm flattered.
thank you for copying me.
"-livinn' soo luxurious"


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Thursday, June 4, 2009
Okay so lately I really haven’t been caring about anything, anyone or anyone’s feelings.
Idk what it is, maybe it’s cause people have been such assholes to me in the past years of my life that I just stopped giving a fuck.

When I walk out the house I just know someone is gonna have something to say about me

Good or Bad

Well, idgaf.
I’ve been blowing everything & everyone off…
(yeah, even family)
You know what they say… “Nice guys finish last”, well I’m starting to believe that it’s true.

I’m usually nice & being my happy go lucky, nonchalant, caring self
But for like the last month, I’ve not been giving a damn,
&& guess fucking what?

I love it.

When you don’t care…people don’t bother you or whatever ppl do, it doesn’t bother you.
Shit used to really get to me when bitches didn’t like me, when they always tried to find one tiny little thing wrong about me…

“Oh one of her eyelashes are shorter than the other, let’s make her life miserable”

You bitches are pathetic. Get a fucking life.

“The only cute thing about her is her hair, & that’s probably fake.”

Just know, that I’m laughing at you silly broads now.

My mom used to always tell me that bitches were going to talk about me cause they’re jealous, but I’m just thnking…
Youre a parent, a mother
You’re supposed to say shit like that to your child, that’s like the number one response parents give to you when kids are younger & you come to them on that shit

Key- (circa 2001)
“ma, some girl said she didn’t like me”
“oh honey, she’s just jealous”

Lmao. Well I guess that’s the reality of it…
Bitches are jealous.

Now that I think about it, I used to have so many fans when I was younger, (okay, & I still do) bitches that just wanted to be me so badly that they made me feel bad about myself cause I looked a certain way

“It’s hard being pretty. Attractive girls get penalized for looking a
certain way”
–Kim Kardashian

lol, when I first heard this bitch say that I was like-
wow, you can’t be serious…

but on a forreal tip, this chick is really speaking the truth. (even if she sounds shallow & cocky)
I’m not saying I wish I was unattractive, I don’t really know what I’m saying but all I know, is that not giving a fuck about the shit people do & say, is wonderful.

You hateful bitches should try it more often, & maybe you wouldn’t have to “throw shade” at me so much.
But hey, If you prefer not to, then I’m here, hate all you want. But let me remind you, idgaf, so you’re pretty much just wasting countless hours wishing I’m something I’m not, nor will ever be.
Pero, hasta luego pendejos.
-I’m outtieee.

“-livinn’ soo luxuriouss”

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009
10:03am -

so i'm finishing up the last parts of my english exam & i start to get annoyedd;
"why the hell is this shit so damn long" -i'm thinking, "screw whoever the fuck made this exam. Yeah Mrs. White, screw you."
Explain in full detail how heroism is shown in the two of the 5 books listed above
then (oh, there's a then? ...great.) Explain the early dialogues, theories, and the influence Plato had on the people of his time
i don't have time for this shit. I could be sleeping right now, this bitch is looney."
So after i did that, i whizzed thru 39 more questions,
got up, threw my test at the proctor, grabbed my purse at the front of the
room & walked out the room
freedom, yes!
10: 37am -
As i'm walking thru the front door of Wyomingg High School, (also known as the gayest place in Cincinnati) I hear someone calling behind me, "Keyosha, Ms. Cole!"
it's the Vice Principal, Mr. Overbee (better known as, He Will Fuck You Over, B)
"Oh well, i'm outta this bitch now...Who gives a flying fuck?"
not meee, i'm done with this shit.
10: 42am -
So i take my keys out, hop into my Mustang Convertible (yes bitch, like in the Fast & the Furious) , hit the gas pedal, and zoom off into the horizon
(ha, yeah right. I wish though...that would have been so badass, right?) lmao.
Anyways though...
10:50am -
I'm driving aimlessly, i don't know where the hell i'm going i know i'm just trying to get as far away i can to that school.
-turns the radio on to kiss 107.1
the mall maybe? ...damn, doesn't open till 12. Coffee? Yeahh, i'll go get some coffee.
-thinks: wait, i don't wanna go alone though...i'll call Kali.
ring. ring. ring. ring.
"Hey, sorry i can't ans-" click.
-Trys calling Ariel
ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ring.
voicemail. again.
Where the hell are these bitches at?
11:00am -
So i'm driving back home & i finally get there, walk inside & plop down on my bed...
-i lay back & close my eyes
Maybe 12 minutes pass by and i open them again and out the corner of my eye i spot my calc. book on my desk.
ohhhh shiiittttttt!
& once again, i'm grabbing my purse and keys up and darting out the door.
11:20am -
"Okay, you guys have 20mins to study before the two hour exam time starts. Take your time and use it wisely."
all the while i'm thinking -this is bullshit, great job Keyosha.
epic fucking fail.


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