Monday, May 25, 2009
That name is enough...


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Friday, May 22, 2009
Bored...nothing to's friday, & i'm at home. I really wanted to blog about something really random, like armadillos, lol but i really dnt feel like tht. So i'm just gonna type whatever i'm thinking.

Note: I do have ADD, so i may change subjects like every two seconds.

But anywaysssss um, i guess i'll do my perfect guy
Funny -if the person can make me laugh &&make my cheeks hurt he's already got a headstart
  • cute
  • smart
  • hilarious
  • sweet

ahh shit. okay, i'm bored with tht, maybe i'll go onto basketball &&talk about my extreme hate for it
well...i have an extreme hate for basketball. That's all. Next.

"yuu got me begginn yu for merccyyyy, why wont youu release meee?"-Duffy

You wanna know what shows i really miss that used to come on t.v when i was younger?
ROCKETPOWER...lmao, i used to loveeee tht show i would never missed an episode of that

&&speaking of episodes, i really wish someone would finish their episodes..."sucky sucky"
Hmph this is going kinda quick

Okay i'm not bi-sexual, or gay, or lesbian, whatever yu ppl call it, but yu know how there's one girl tht yu just think is realllyyy prettyy&if...nvm lmao. But for me, tht person would most definitely be Christina Milian. Nick Cannon is a fool for marrying Mariah Carey &&not her, but whtever, here she is...
Ohh, &&Adrianna Lima too..

Beautiful right?

Anyways though...i'm getting pretty sick of my phone, it's touch screen &&my buttons keep acting retarded...

If i could be anywhere right now it would most definitely somewhere in Turks and Caicos Islands on Grace Bay Beach relaxing my ass off...maybe with a special someone? NO EX's ALLOWED! =]
I was gonna put some pictures of tht up but it's not letting me...
First my comments then my pics...ugh.
Whateverrr though!
I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow either...just relaxing, i've been kinda stressed out so a four day weekend of doing nothing but watching movies &&eating rainbow sherbert &&blogging will help =]
Don't cha think?
Summer plans?
Basically spending the whole summer in Georgia, helping my ex move&&stuff like tht. &&i might go to manhattan to visit some family =] that'll be nice
well i'm outtieeeee
"-livin' soo luxuriouss"

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Okayy, so i was bored surfingg the net&&i came across this picture of Oprah, makeupless. Lmao, why does she look like Birdman????
All these stars who are decieving us. It's kinda like UBC when those niglets give themselves misleading names like "GuapoSexyPapito" "HoodDime"...FuckingUgly, yu mean.
Ughhhhh @all this false advertisment

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Guess I was wronggg... =] bettr off alone ne way

Butttt in otherr newws, i'm in a better mood than i was in yesterdayy


"-livin' soo luxuriouss"

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Sunday, May 17, 2009
I love how people think they know me, "Oh Keyosha, I cnt see you cooking" "You're just not the cooking type" "Cooking & Keyosha?...LMFAO"

...Cooking type?? Seriously now

I just hate how people think they know everything about &&when you tell them that this is what you want to do, they can't fathom the idea of you ever doing that

With me, i want to be a chef, start out working as a chef in some restaurant &&work my way up, i really want to own my own place idk, a diner, a real restaurant, a bar...any place that serves food...&&when i tell someone i want to do something like this i get laughed at

Lmfao, just watch, I'm gonna show all you bastards!

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Hopefully it'll work this time...3rd time's a charm, right?

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Friday, May 15, 2009
Okayyy, i know in myy first post i was venting &&what not about men...but hey, that's what girls do (hate to say it, but it's true) we're wishy washy &&we can feel one way about a person and then a couple of weeks later we can feel totally different. Butttt annnyywayss, besides that...I just had the best day of my life. I would tell you about it...haha but there's some explicit infomation that i shouldn't talk about when there's underaged kids reading (YEAH FUCKING RIGHT!) lmao but seriously, this morning i found out i had an old savings account that i forgot about with 376 dollars in it (shopping?) &&then my ex had texted me about our plans today, &&omgg i had the best time EVER. He took me to Olive Garden (favorite restuarant) &afterwards we went downtown to the plaza & just walked around, then he said he had a surprise for me and took me on a horse and carriage ride. It was soo sweeet &&like reaallyyy unexpected. Idk what else this guy has up his sleeve, but i know i'll like it.


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Omg, i feel soo fat. I keep having the weirdest cravings, yesterdayy i wanted some cucumbers &&ranch...and now i want a hot pickle &&some salt nd vinegar chips with sunny delight...ugh, whennn will it stop.

-Pregant Bitchh. =$

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Monday, May 11, 2009
Lmao! I fkingg lovee Chelsea Latelyyyyyy

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Sunday, May 10, 2009
idk what to sayy, or even where to begin [I know I'm going to be contradicting myself in this postt a lot, so try not to mind it por favor?] Men are fucking idiots. They can't make up their mind, &&yet they blame us for not knowing what we want. No, I'm not a feminist or anything...just a girl who's been through ups&downs with guys, like almost everyone woman out there. But as i was saying...Men are idiots, they are the pickiest, shallowest, dumbest, non-caring, incompetent, inconsiderate, childish, undependable, beings. Men say that they have an ideal girl or woman in mind, but when that woman comes along, do they jump on that opportunity? Do they take advantage of the situation that's right fucking in front of them? NOPE... they just either sit back and let it pass them up...orr they jump on in and make that female their girlfriend, wifey, whatever but then when they're in the relationship all they want to do it create drama and stir things up between you two, they want to go out and cheat...just for the hell of it, or these inconsiderate bastards get intimidated and want do anything they possibly can to get out of the relationship because they're "too scared of commitment"'s all a bunch of bullshit &I'm really sick of it. Men think that this is just all a big game, who can find the hottest girl, get that girl to become their girlfriend, have them thinking that this man is something that he's not, but then once he gets bored or sees something new...he's willing to just move on...he might even tell you or if he's the kind of asshole most men are, he'll just do it behind your back and not even care if you find out or not. That's the kind of scumm males are.

&&umm p.s, to the butt hurt men out there who read this...i probably wont even feel this wayy a week from now.

haha, you are dismissed. =$

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