Saturday, June 20, 2009
grrr. lmao.
anyways though, it's like 2:24am & I'm just getting home. I'm tired as hell & i should be sleeping cause i have to get up early again.
idk what is it but my summer is finally kicking in...
thank god.
but...hmm, i don't really have ne solid solid plan for tomorrow (as in later today) except that Ariel will probably come over, we might to to PKI (for all you ppl who don't live in Ohio, PKI is Paramount Kings Island, kinda like Six Flags but smaller) or The Beach or maybe Coney Island.
It's been pretty damn hot this past week, today was it was like above 100 degrees. blahh, I'm gonna be dark pretty soon (Aaron Walker status, yeayuhh baaabeeh!)
But I'm getting really sleepy just sitting here talking about this...i planned on telling you all (yeah, all 8 of you) about my day & what has been going on with me cause i feel like i haven't blogged in a minute. But whatever. I'm fucking tired & I'll fill you ppl in tomorrow...maybe.
"-livin' soo luxurious"


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