Saturday, September 12, 2009
i got asked the most obvious question the other day (atleast i thought it was obvious, since i don't usually act like that...)
any ways tho, the question was...
"are there still any feelings left for the kid?"
(oh, & i really did
so i think the guy is kidding, i'm like
"oh wow, i can't believe you asked that question. like seriously, bob." (names arent important right now)
him: ???
me: you serious??
him: no, nvm.
me: if i didn...blah blah blah bullshyt bullshyt.
( yeah, you dont need to know all that either)
so THEN he asks...
him: ur talkn to ur ex again?
me: whoaaa...
me: umm...
me: hmm...
him: ???
me: kind of
i really dont have a problem about talking about my past relationships considering that my first real relationship was with my ex & i really did love him (keyword: did) but the thing was...i was confused on how he knew we were actually speaking to each other again. i mean...he's on my facebook & everything, but my updates arent that detailed to where people can actually tell something like that.
him: i'm good at figuring things out
the point was tho, that i wasnt actually talking to my ex...well, it wasnt mutual at least.
so i explain that to him, & it doesnt seem to get thru his skull (correction: thick ass hardheaded ass skull)
him: ur talking to out
me: whaaaat?
"bob" signs outs.
so he signed out, which leaves my jaw all the way down to my knees open.
not only did he not answer my question, but he also signed out after saying something like that.
idk what the whole point is to this post, but i just wanna say that our communication skills these days suck.

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