Wednesday, July 22, 2009
atlanta is...HOT.
i went jogging the other day...(to not feel so bad about the 4 chinese doughnuts i ate the night before) & i almost fking passed out. i almost choked on the air i was's like, i could smell everything. oh, & not to mention i ran into some tree with white flowers on it & i got a face full of pollen up my nose.
& what thee fuck is with the bugs...everywhere i go i see a nasty looking waterbug.
oh oh, & the best fucking part about atlanta is that they don't have a forever 21.
-long fucking pause with one of those faces
=/ -
why do i sound so mad? cause i was expecting a wholefuckinglotmorethanthis.
moving on.
i lost my cell on the plane & the lady that sat next to me needed more than one's like "don't you feel your big ass arm spilling over into my seat & beginning to engulf my whole body?!" ughh.
i feel homesick already & i haven't even been here a week yet.
oh & wait! i forgot to talk about the negros here (negros = men, not just black men) everywhere i look there's a nigga with dreads...(dreads to me are the ugliest thing...ever) when i'm trying to run my finger through your hair & my fucking hand gets stuck, it's not cute.
but ne ways... they also think they're the shit when they're wearing a
coogi thermal. tims. and shorts.
-another long pause with one of those faces-
wtf dude?
it's over 90degrees & you're trying to make a fashion statement by wearing tims & a thermal in this weather? nigga i hope you pass the hell out for being & looking so damn stupid.
& don't even get me started on how they try to approach you
for right now
atlanta fails...

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