Friday, May 22, 2009
Bored...nothing to's friday, & i'm at home. I really wanted to blog about something really random, like armadillos, lol but i really dnt feel like tht. So i'm just gonna type whatever i'm thinking.

Note: I do have ADD, so i may change subjects like every two seconds.

But anywaysssss um, i guess i'll do my perfect guy
Funny -if the person can make me laugh &&make my cheeks hurt he's already got a headstart
  • cute
  • smart
  • hilarious
  • sweet

ahh shit. okay, i'm bored with tht, maybe i'll go onto basketball &&talk about my extreme hate for it
well...i have an extreme hate for basketball. That's all. Next.

"yuu got me begginn yu for merccyyyy, why wont youu release meee?"-Duffy

You wanna know what shows i really miss that used to come on t.v when i was younger?
ROCKETPOWER...lmao, i used to loveeee tht show i would never missed an episode of that

&&speaking of episodes, i really wish someone would finish their episodes..."sucky sucky"
Hmph this is going kinda quick

Okay i'm not bi-sexual, or gay, or lesbian, whatever yu ppl call it, but yu know how there's one girl tht yu just think is realllyyy prettyy&if...nvm lmao. But for me, tht person would most definitely be Christina Milian. Nick Cannon is a fool for marrying Mariah Carey &&not her, but whtever, here she is...
Ohh, &&Adrianna Lima too..

Beautiful right?

Anyways though...i'm getting pretty sick of my phone, it's touch screen &&my buttons keep acting retarded...

If i could be anywhere right now it would most definitely somewhere in Turks and Caicos Islands on Grace Bay Beach relaxing my ass off...maybe with a special someone? NO EX's ALLOWED! =]
I was gonna put some pictures of tht up but it's not letting me...
First my comments then my pics...ugh.
Whateverrr though!
I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow either...just relaxing, i've been kinda stressed out so a four day weekend of doing nothing but watching movies &&eating rainbow sherbert &&blogging will help =]
Don't cha think?
Summer plans?
Basically spending the whole summer in Georgia, helping my ex move&&stuff like tht. &&i might go to manhattan to visit some family =] that'll be nice
well i'm outtieeeee
"-livin' soo luxuriouss"

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