Saturday, September 12, 2009
so i really dont know how to explain the way i'm feeling right now. it's like a mix between emptyness & a whole bunch of blaah. i havent been feeling like doing much of anything & when i do plan on doing something my plans dont fall thru...
so tomorrow here's my schedual:
8:00am: shower & all that good stufff
9:00am: get my hair & nails done
( dont ask why i'm at the hairdressers for so long, i have my reasons...dont judge me ;))
2:00pm: lunch
3:00pm: mall
4:00pm: come home bumm around for a little bit then shower & get dressed
7:00pm: date
(which i'm kind of excited about, i havent been on a real date, date since me & my ex had broken up)
so that date includes him taking me to the movies & dinner
nothing too special there, but i'm excited nonetheless.
10:00pm: ______________
well that's it, i'm not sure about what happens after 10pm, we'll see tho
it's 4:59 right now & i'm gonna try to get some sleep before the morning hitssss...night
p.s. hit me on twittttaaa :D

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At September 17, 2009 at 1:53 PM, Blogger MalibuMara said........
your blog background is so cute,
i love it :)