Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Why are you bytchin men? Why do you cry more than i do? Why are you complaining about the pimple on your face that no one can see? Why is it that every time i look up you're in my beauty products? Why are you buying eyeliner, then going around calling it "manliner" you know, they didn't make that shyt for guys. Why is that when we sit down & watch a movie together, you start tearing up before the title screen appears? & Why is it that when i ask you what's wrong you start to pout & stomp off like a damn 6 yr old GIRL? Why is it that you go get your nails done more than i do? Why the hell did you put a texturizer in your hair? Why is it that when a dude i just started talking to gets mad at me for not showing him enough attention then has the nerve to say "it doesn't matter, you don't care about my feelings anyway" YES NIGGA, FK YOUR FEELINGS. Why is it necessay for you to watch Oxygen & Lifetime FOR WOMEN atleast 3 times a week? Why is it that you have more mood swings in an hour than i have on my period?
...look downn baby, you do have balls.
& if you don't...grow some, & quick.

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At September 24, 2009 at 5:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
lmbo! I heard that.. I know a few fellas like that!