Wednesday, June 3, 2009
10:03am -

so i'm finishing up the last parts of my english exam & i start to get annoyedd;
"why the hell is this shit so damn long" -i'm thinking, "screw whoever the fuck made this exam. Yeah Mrs. White, screw you."
Explain in full detail how heroism is shown in the two of the 5 books listed above
then (oh, there's a then? ...great.) Explain the early dialogues, theories, and the influence Plato had on the people of his time
i don't have time for this shit. I could be sleeping right now, this bitch is looney."
So after i did that, i whizzed thru 39 more questions,
got up, threw my test at the proctor, grabbed my purse at the front of the
room & walked out the room
freedom, yes!
10: 37am -
As i'm walking thru the front door of Wyomingg High School, (also known as the gayest place in Cincinnati) I hear someone calling behind me, "Keyosha, Ms. Cole!"
it's the Vice Principal, Mr. Overbee (better known as, He Will Fuck You Over, B)
"Oh well, i'm outta this bitch now...Who gives a flying fuck?"
not meee, i'm done with this shit.
10: 42am -
So i take my keys out, hop into my Mustang Convertible (yes bitch, like in the Fast & the Furious) , hit the gas pedal, and zoom off into the horizon
(ha, yeah right. I wish though...that would have been so badass, right?) lmao.
Anyways though...
10:50am -
I'm driving aimlessly, i don't know where the hell i'm going i know i'm just trying to get as far away i can to that school.
-turns the radio on to kiss 107.1
the mall maybe? ...damn, doesn't open till 12. Coffee? Yeahh, i'll go get some coffee.
-thinks: wait, i don't wanna go alone though...i'll call Kali.
ring. ring. ring. ring.
"Hey, sorry i can't ans-" click.
-Trys calling Ariel
ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ring.
voicemail. again.
Where the hell are these bitches at?
11:00am -
So i'm driving back home & i finally get there, walk inside & plop down on my bed...
-i lay back & close my eyes
Maybe 12 minutes pass by and i open them again and out the corner of my eye i spot my calc. book on my desk.
ohhhh shiiittttttt!
& once again, i'm grabbing my purse and keys up and darting out the door.
11:20am -
"Okay, you guys have 20mins to study before the two hour exam time starts. Take your time and use it wisely."
all the while i'm thinking -this is bullshit, great job Keyosha.
epic fucking fail.


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