Saturday, June 6, 2009

& apparently so are ex boyfriends.
well... me & Jeremy are back together, we were never really broken up though. I guess you could say we were er, separated for a short period of time...
anyways though-

we spent the day together cuddling & doing other...unmentionable things. lmao

we watched this niggas favorite movie SuperBad (...yeah, i know. Don't ask)

we took ourr puppies to the park (Jordan, B.J & Cody. B.J. was a present from Jeremy on my 15th birthday)
lol & we had some ice cream
cute right?

then we went to the skate park (where we had first met) lmao. okay, so i know you're thinking..."this chick used to skate?"
yeahhh, i did...& i still do occasionally. (ha. New Yorkers, expect the unexpected)
but yeah, I had a pretty nice ass time.

"-livin' soo luxurious"


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